You Don't Have to Live with Pain Anymore!

Pain Specialists of Greater Lehigh Valley can help give you back your life. Call the Pain Specialists if you have pain as a result of chronic illness, surgery or injury.

The human body is an amazing system of well-orchestrated parts. Like a machine, each part contributes to the harmony of the whole. When illness or injury strikes, however, the entire system is affected and pain is often the result. Pain is actually the body's way of signaling a breakdown of one of its parts. Although unpleasant, pain provides an important warning to protect the body against further injury.

Allow us to help your body heal and get back to its harmonic balance!

Managing Pain - Our Philosophy

Chronic pain can be successfully managed and the first step is understanding the source. At our pain centers, we will evaluate your condition, make a diagnosis and recommend a course of treatment designed to bring balance and harmony back into your life. The physicians of Pain Specialists of Greater Lehigh Valley believe chronic pain is a complex problem and treating it successfully requires a unified, coordinated, multidisciplinary approach. During your treatment, a pain specialist will personally manage and coordinate your treatment with other specialists who treat all aspects of pain, including medical, physical, psychological and social conditions.

*Please contact your Primary care physician for a referral.

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